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Ask me a question or make a comment below…these come directly to me and will not automatically post.  I will get to each one…though, allow me several days if you are asking for a reply.

peace love, jimmy

One response to “Ask Jimmy…

  1. Hi Jimmy,

    Well, I am impressed to say the least…I don’t think I have ever found a site like this. I love your concept and your philosophy…amazing. I found your product (the soy candle) just by happen chance. I was on a trip with my brother (my dearest and best friend on the planet) in Orlando, FL, and we were staying at the World Marriott. I went to the spa there just to look around. There were these neat candles there and of course the packaging of the candle with your face on it caused me to open the tin and “wow” was I blown away by the big fragerance in such a small package!! I got the Lime/Vanilla after much debate with myself! Now the trip is long over and my candle all but used up so I went searching on the internet. I found a site and ordered another Lime/Vanilla candle. Then I got curious and found your home website. Now “wow” again.!I have totally enjoyed myself “walking” with you through your neighborhood! You are kind to share so much of yourself and to care so very much. Hey, I don’t know if I have EVER written the owner of a company directly to tell them how I enjoy their product and then just want to tell them how much I think I’m enjoying learning about them…the person…Jimmy, thank you for giving me a place to let me express how much I am enjoying you site, and your product..I will come back here again to visit and let others know about your awesome candles and the sweet kind soul I am finding out you are…..Lot of peace and joy to you.
    Ginger Holt
    Mobile, AL

    PS ..Please send out good love and Karma to my home on the Gulf Coast and all the people and God’s sweet creatures who are getting through these tough times……

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