JimmyHello, I’m Jimmy… and this is my journal.    

I want my journey to be of assistance to others.  I believe we are all ONE and we are learning about our ONEness through our perceived separateness.  So, as I learn on this journey, I am compelled to help others on theirs…in business and in life.  Most of my entries will tell my journey …or offer insights I have had along the way…or tools I have found useful on my path.  I welcome comments.

I have an entire series of video journals. To watch my videos, please click on the JIMMYTV tab.

peace, love, jimmy

6 responses to “Jimmy…

  1. Di

    You are an amazing and living inspiration to so many… thank you Jimmy!

  2. Hello Jimmy,
    I found your wonderful rescue candles through Lisa Jadis @ furrme! My boutique had its 1st Anniv. this past Nov. and would like to make a percentage donation from the sales of them to a rescue group ^,^ Please contact me with any suggestions. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to ordering the new fragrances!!!

  3. joanne

    My candles arrived today and are amazing! Thanks!

    • Joanne, I apologize…I just now found this feature…I thought I would be notified when someone made a comment. Please forgive me for not replying.

      thank you for loving my candles!!


  4. Larry Bak

    Just found out about your candles in a local shop here in Chicago and just ordered a few from your site. Didn’t realize there were so many versions! You should consider doing “mini” versions and package them into the various scents (like a spa set for example) or even samples if possible. Would love to try some of your others but buying without smelling them is so hard!

    Awesome stuff though and a great cause!