Jimmy Candle History Part 3

Part 3

In Part 2 I mentioned the fact that the gavel came down on the meeting that voted me out of my company at exactly 11:11 am. Why this is significant to me… In the months prior to that moment, I began to see 11’s everywhere. Every time I looked at the clock it was 11:11 or 2:11 or 5:11. That number began to follow me. I mentioned this to a friend and she told me that when we see repeated numbers or symbols, it is simply the universe letting you know you are on your path. So, when the gavel came down at the end of that meeting and I picked up my phone and saw that is was 11:11, I simply sighed a relief and smiled. And let me tell you, the fact that I was smiling at this particular moment seemed to be of concern to those in the room who just voted me out. I think they were half expecting me to pull a Joan Crawford, “…don’t f@ck with me fellas…” moment. On the converse, I sprang up and walked up to each of them, smiled,  shook their hands and thanked them. Their attorney, who walked me to the elevator had this puzzled look on his face and said, “Thank you for being so gracious during this process.”

Back to the cruise ship…

I knew that if I was to receive some divine inspiration, I would have to not think about what had happened and not think about what I was going to do…so I became FULLY PRESENT UPON THAT CRUISE.  I could tell you every time a buffet was going to open and I mapped out my day of activities and lectures. I would sit by the pool and watch all the festivities (and people watch) or I’d sit on the deck and read or watch the water.  I truly kept my mind off of what all had transpired over the past year and didn’t try to figure out what I was going to do.

On my journey to that point, I had learned that if I wanted to receive TRUE inspiration, I had to stay present.  I had to stop thinking. I had to stop thinking about the past or the future. I had to remain present so I could create the space for the inspiration to come. I had to quiet my mind so when inspiration hit, I was open and able to receive it. This usually isn’t too easy if you are in your regular environment, this is why the cruise was a wonderful place to lose my self in the present moment.

Somewhere around the very end of the cruise, I had what I call an information bubble come down upon me and I received the entire plan of what I was going to do. It truly was an amazing experience. The cruise ended on May 14th…and somehow when the Dallas Gift Show began on June 24th I was at market with a new company, 17 new fragrances, new packaging (that won Best New Product at the NY International Gift Fair 6 months later), printed catalogs, showrooms set up across the country along with 60+ sales reps – all of this in about 5 ½ weeks!

It was a magical time and I wasn’t even really stressed much.  It all came together easily, though there was definitely some effort…but it just flowed. When things like this happen, you know it is true inspiration. I also had done quite a bit of manifesting over the years and knew how to play the game…and the game is mostly TRUST. Trusting that I was on my path and the cards would all be there as I needed them – and they were.

Over the years I have had to learn how to focus. What you focus upon – you get. I knew that once I knew where I wanted to go my focus had to be solely upon where I wanted to go and not upon the situation I was currently in. This is what pulled me through the tough times…and trust me, they were tough. I always referred to my previous business as “my baby”. Even though I didn’t own the majority of it, it was my conception, my dream, my passion – and it had been, as some might say, taken from me.  But at the time, I knew that this was not happening TO ME, but FOR ME.

Just as the previous business ended and it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened FOR ME, I knew this would be the same.  And you ask, “look how this ended, how could this be the best thing?” Well, if I hadn’t been able to experience my Er’go Candle years, I wouldn’t have built my reputation in the candle world.  And even though the end of the period didn’t end so smoothly, it paved the way for my current experience. All of what happened was a blessing. It was simply the stepping stone for the next phase…that company wasn’t my end-all be-all…just a stepping stone. I was unable to grow any further and it was time to move on. I had to let it go so I could move forward…and that is what I did.

In Part 4 the 2008 economy hits and I experience true fear, more so than ever before in my life.

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  1. Lisa Jadis

    Jimmy..please hurry and publish Part 4…your writing is amazing and it leaves me with wanting to read more….

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