As I sit here in a pile of my most important papers, I thought I better record this while it was nice and fresh…

My wonderful dog Pepper, the neurotic one, was left alone in my home office wearing the “cone of shame”, as I refer to it, because of a recent surgery. (Pepper thinks he is a bad ass…and he isn’t…and he picked a fight with the head bad ass in the pack and basically got disemboweled last week…yeah, not pretty.) So, Pepper was getting some special treatment and kept away from the other dogs so he wouldn’t tear open his stitches (8 inches long down the center of his belly).  Well, apparently he decided that he needed to get on top of every desk in my home office, of which there are 3, and systematically knock EVERYTHING off and onto the floor (I am still looking for my phone).  He somehow opened Internet Explorer 39 times (I think he ordered some things online – I guess I will have to wait for them to arrive in the mail), he opened nearly every program I have, he opened several emails and actually started to respond to one of them ( I am NOT kidding…the response was simply the letter Z repeated over and over…but a response none the less) , so if you received a weird email from me…MY DOG DID IT!

I was actually pretty calm when I discovered this…I guess I was just so amazed at his efficiency.  He even succeeded at knocking over a short two drawer filing cabinet upon which sat our fax machine…now all laid out nicely on the floor…beeping and flashing at me.

For one brief moment I thought about killing him…but remembered that I hadn’t finished paying for the operation to put his intestines back inside his body…I have to at least wait until he is paid off.  Happy Friday!!!!



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3 responses to “OH MY DOG!!!

  1. Glad that you found humor in this, Jimmy. : )

  2. So it’s safe to assume that I should cancel the order from you for a dozen t-shirts???

    I have a confirmation from a Mr. Z???


  3. This story makes me laugh every time I read it. Oh, by the way…Pepper is still with us…I didn’t kill him.

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